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SCA – Eighteenth Festival of Arts & Crafts

Southwick & Fishersgate Community Association – Eighteenth Festival of Arts & Crafts

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre

April 2 & 3 1971

Adjudicator: Mr Leonard White

Winning Group: Aquarius Theatre Group

Best Actor: Edward Mortell – Aquarius Theatre Group

Best Actress: Olive Ellis – Phoenix Players

One-Act Drama Festival

Competitors – in order of appearance:

The Southwick Players

Playing With Fire

by Strindberg
Produced by George Baker


Phoenix Players


by Alfred de Musset
Produced by Betty Cowan


Eskay Theatre Group

Cupid Rampant

by Percy Corry
Produced by Ian Middleton


Wick Theatre Company

The Proposal

by Anton Checkov
Produced by Audrey Laye

Ralph Dawes – Chubuko
Margaret Ockenden – Natalyia
David Creedon – Ivan Lomov


Aquarius Theatre Group

The Hole

by N.F. Simpson
Produced by Betty Middlerigh


Theatre 48 from Horsham

Where Have All The Ghosts Gone?

by David Campton
Produced by Anna Smith