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Five Finger Exercise

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

April 8, 9 & 10, 1965.

Five Finger Exercise

by Peter Shaffer



Directed by
Clodagh O’Farrell


Betty Elliott – Louise Harrington

Ray Hopper – Clive Harrington

John Perrett – Stanley Harrington

Robert del Quiaro – Walter Langer

Isabel Pilcher – Pamela Harrington


Production Crew

Stage Manager – Frances Thorne

ASM – Jean Porter

Lighting – Frank Hurrell

Wardrobe – Morfydd Bowen

Wardrobe – Margaret Perrett

Effects – Terry Mase

Set Design – John Perrett

Front of House Manager – Barrie Bowen


Programme Note: Five Finger Exercise

CO’F. wrote: “I have produced this play because I am attracted by its truth. It frightens with its truth and reality. Five Finger Exercise is about people we know. People we should try to understand.

Technically it is a very finely made piece of theatre, offering superb acting opportunities for those playing it and achieving exactly what the title suggests. It creates an exercise for five fingers or characters, each complete in itself but each using the others to perform the finished exercise.

Shaffer has written nothing superfluous into this play. There is a reason and a purpose for every action, every word. Five Finger Exercise with its economical subtlety, emotional power and clearly related truth is a challenge to us all.”