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Bell, Book and Candle

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

April 9, 10 & 11, 1964.

Bell, Book and Candle

by John van Druten



Directed by
Clodagh O’Farrell  &  Ralph Dawes


Sheelagh O’Farrell – Gillian Holroyd

Barrie Bowen – Anthony Henderson

Betty Elliott – Aunt Queenie

Colin Lydon – Nicky Holroyd

Peter Power – Sydney Redlitch

‘Fred Baskerville’ – ‘Pyewacket’


Production Crew

Stage Manager – John Perrett

ASM – Frances Thorne

ASM – Jackie Mase

Lighting – Frank Hurrell

Effects – Maureen Payne

Wardrobe – Morfydd Bowen

Properties – Margaret Perrett

Properties – Susan Hayter

Decor – Clodagh O’Farrell

Stage Staff – Paul Carpenter

Stage Staff – Terry Mase

Set Design – John Perrett

Set Construction – John Perrett

Foyer Decoration – Elizabeth Penney

Front of House Manager – George Penney


Programme Note: Bell Book and Candle

CO’F & RD wrote: “In case things get out of hand this evening we have it on the authority of Annie Price, a 17th century witch, that a piece of red thread tied to the clothing is an excellent protection against witchcraft!”

[Thoughtfully a piece was taped inside each programme]