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The Birthday Party

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

March 30, 31 – April 1 & 2, 2016.

The Birthday Party

by Harold Pinter

“tense, confusing”
– NODA –


Directed by
Graham Till


Dave Peaty – Petey

Pam Luxton – Meg

Phil Brown – Stanley

Emily Hale – Lulu

Dan Dryer – Goldberg

David Creedon – McCann


Production Crew

Stage Manager – Bernadette Ward

Deputy Stage Manager – Julian Batstone

Technical Manager – John Garland

Lighting – Kieran Pollard

Lighting – Mike Phillips

Lighting – Martin Oakley

Sound Design – Bob Ryder

Wardrobe – Maggi Pierce

Wardrobe – Cherry Fraser

Wardrobe – Caroline Woodley

Properties & Set Dressing – Caroline Woodley

Set Construction & Painting – Nigel Goldfinch

Set Construction & Painting – Carl Gray

Set Construction & Painting – David Comber

Set Construction & Painting – Dave Collis

Set Construction & Painting – Sue Chaplin

Set Construction & Painting – Sheila Neesham

Set Construction & Painting – Margaret Davy

Set Construction & Painting – Gary Walker

Rehearsal Prompt – Caroline Woodley

Publicity – Peter Joyce

Publicity – Maggie Pierce

Publicity – Rosemary Bouchy

Publicity – Judith Berrill

Poster Design – Richard Joyce

Front of House – Betty Dawes


Programme Note #1: The Birthday Party

GT wrote: ” It’s always a good challenge to take on one of the great classics of the English theatre and I am very grateful to Wick Theatre Company for the opportunity to direct one of the earliest and best-loved plays by Harold Pinter, perhaps the greatest English playwright of the last century.

For me he’s great because he creates wonderful characters unlike anyone else’s. They are creatures of unpredictable mood, unreliable veracity, and total unfitness for pigeonholes. Pinter hears and reproduces everyday dialogue like nobody else too: ordinary utterances ping back and forth with added rhythm and musicality and references and layers of meaning that turn them into something close to poetry – and at times to wisecracking comedy.

First and foremost though he writes rattling good plays that are great fun to perform and – as I hope you will find in the case of The Birthday Party – a great experience to watch. You might want to look for the clues and figure out who these people are, what are their motives, what is the sinister authority in the background .. or you might want to just sit back and enjoy the play. Either way I promise you will be amused, intrigued, titillated, scared, baffled, misled, confused, shocked, tickled, and I hope in the end royally entertained. ”