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The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

January 6, 7, 8 & 9, 2010.


by Mary Chase

“Choreographed to perfection”
– Shoreham Herald –


Directed by
Guy Steddon


Olivia Robinson – Myrtle Mae Simmons

Judith Berrill – Veta Louise Simmons

Bob Ryder – Elwood P Dowd

Izzy Hudson – Miss Johnson / Dunphy

Joan Bearman – Ethel Chauvenet

Natalie Colgate – Ruth Kelly

John Garland – Duane Wilson

Will Hackett – Dr. Lyman Sanderson

Tony Brownings – Dr. William Chumley

Gill Etter – Betty Chumley

Anna Quick – Henry

Paul Checkley – Judge Omar Gaffney

David Creedon – E. J. Lofgren

Harvey – Himself


Production Crew

Assistant Director – Anna Quick

Stage Manager – Fiona Cameron

Deputy Stage Manager – Zoey Attree

ASM – Martin Oakley

Lighting – Mike Medway

Sound – Jack Hudson

Backstage Crew – Anna Quick

Props – Anna Quick

Props – Di Tidzer

Props – Natalie Colgate

Wardrobe – Cherry Briggs

Wardrobe – Maggi Pierce

Wardrobe – Zoey Attree

Set Design & Construction – Sue Chaplin

Set Design & Construction – Paul Checkley

Set Design & Construction – Dave Collis

Set Design & Construction – David Comber

Set Design & Construction – Margaret Davy

Set Design & Construction – Carl Gray

Set Design & Construction – Sheila Neesham

Portraits – Sue Chaplin

Portraits – Judith Berrill

Original Score – Steve Gallant

‘Harvey’ Design – Andy Etter

Poster Design – Christopher Scally

Poster Design – Anna Quick

Poster Design – Guy Steddon

Poster Photograph – Steve Gallant

Publicity – Rosemary Bouchy

Publicity – Lucien Bouchy

Publicity – Rosemary Brown

Production Photos – Lucien Bouchy

Front of House – Betty Dawes


Programme Note #1: Harvey

GS wrote: “When I realised that I would be directing the first Wick Theatre Company production of the new decade, I decided almost right away that it was to be Harvey. A new year, a new decade no less, brings with it a hopeful air, a desire to see the world in a better light.

Harvey echoes this sentiment perfectly. This wonderful show is shamelessly upbeat and life-affirming. Only a cynical, miserable person could not fail to be enchanted by Elwood P Dowd and his unusual companion. Elwood has long ago got reality just where he wants it, but his family and friends want him to occupy the reality they reside in. More fool them! We should all want to be like Ellwood and be friendly and endearing to all we meet. The brilliance of Mary Chase’s script is that this is both her moral and the source of her rich comedy.

Harvey was originally produced under the title The White Rabbit in 1944, right in the midst of World War ll and – with its positive, life affirming message – was all the welcome because of it. The play went on to win the Pulitzer Prize and was subsequently filmed several times, most famously with James Stewart playing Elwood in an Oscar Winning movie [1950]. It is a rôle that he would often return to, and that he will forever be associated with.

It has been a wonderful joy to bring this production together – an incredible cast and superb production team have really gotten behind this. I hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

Lastly, from all of us at The Wick Theatre Company, a very Happy New Year to you.

We look forward to seeing you at the next show!”