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Guys and Dolls

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

March 30, 31 – April 1 & 2, 1993.

Guys and Dolls

Music & Lyrics by Frank Loesser
Book by Jo Swerling  &  Abe Burrows

“Enthusiastic response”
– Shoreham Herald –


Directed by
Joan Bearman


Ray Hopper – Nicely-Nicely Johnson

Adrian Kenwood – Benny Southstreet

Andy Chalk – Rusty Charlie

William Murray -Nathan Detroit

Vic Gough – Arvide Abernathy

Christopher Martin – Sky Masterton

George Illman – Lieutenant Brannigan

Brian Moulton – Big Jule

Brian Jones – Harry the Horse

Mike Renouf – Scranton Slim and Texan

Ralph Dawes – Joey Biltmore

Dave Collis – Angie the Ox

Kevin Isaac – Liver Lips Louie

Kevin Isaac – Doll Salesman

Philip Burton – Brandy Bottle Bates

Philip Burton – Boxer

Alan Upton – Benny the Greek

Tim Donkin – Pickpocket

Tim Donkin – Society Max

Charles Porter – Calvin

Mark Flower – Policeman

Rosemary Brown – Sarah Brown

Rosemary Mose – Miss Adelaide

Sheila Wright – Agatha

Frances Moulton – Martha

Joan Braddock – General Cartwright

Jo Hopper – Mimi

Eileen Farmiloe – Hot Box Girl

Jo Hopper – Hot Box Girl

Jane Porter – Hot Box Girl

Hazel Starns – Hot Box Girl

Meriel Taylor – Hot Box Girl

Claire Wiggins – Hot Box Girl

Betty Dawes – Bag Lady

Judith Berrill – Waitress [New York]

Judith Berrill – Newsvendor

Margaret Faggetter – Waitress [Cuba]

Margaret Faggetter – Streetwalker

Smudge Roberts – Streetwalker

Sue Whittaker – Guide

Lynda Mostyn – Sightseer

Sheila Neesham – Sightseer

Jennifer Mose– Film Fan

Gail Taylor – Film Fan

Dorothy Edney – Doll Stallholder

Charlotte Porter – A Baby

Conor Maynard – A Baby


Production Crew

Musical Director – Eric Thompson

Musical Director – Patrick Johnson

Designer – Vincent Joyce

Choreography – Trudy Nash

Choreography – Jane Porter

Stage Manager – Dave Comber

Lighting & Sound – Frances Thorne

Lighting & Sound – Trevor Langley

Guitar – Bob Ryder

Set – Brian Box

Set – Dave Collis

Set – Dave Comber

Set – Mike Davy

Set – Ralph Dawes

Set – Mark Flower

Set – Tim Hayles

Set – Frances Thorne

Set – Sheila Neesham

Properties – Margaret Davy

Properties – Sue Whittaker

Wardrobe Co-ordinator – Margaret Faggetter

Assistant – Val Dymock

Assistant – Margaret Hilchey

Assistant – Smudge Roberts

Millinery – Frances Moulton

Continuity – Margaret Ockenden

Production Secretary – Jean Porter

Publicity – Judith Atkinson

Publicity – Jamie Boath

Publicity – Ann Donkin

Publicity – Jean Porter

Photography – George Laye

Box Office – Jill Redman

Front of House Manager – Reg Heselden

Front of House Manager – June Illman

Front of House Manager – Margaret Murrell


Programme Notes: Guys and Dolls – ” This is the Wick’s 150th Production “

Guys and Dolls is based on a story and characters by Damon Runyon. It was first performed in the 1950’s and has been popular ever since. Set against a background of lively street life on Broadway in the 1930’s, the colourful characters play out a story of the struggle between good and evil and the attraction that each holds for the other.

Damon Runyon wrote realistically about people and there is no black and white divide between good and evil in his characters.

The Director, Joan Bearman says: ‘The crapshooters and gamblers may be seedy characters but they often have hearts of gold. They have their own moral code. However, they are not the sort of people you would introduce to your favourite aunt.’