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Beyond Reasonable Doubt

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

June 24, 25, 26 & 27, 1992.

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

by Jeffrey Archer

“Hinges on murder or mercy”
– Shoreham Herald –


Directed by
Paddy Hartley


Gerry Lane – Clerk of the Court

Ron Cheesman – Mr. Justice Tredwell

Brian Moulton – Anthony Blair-Booth QC

Philip Burton – Detective Chief Inspector Travers

Peter McGhie – Sir David Metcalfe QC

Mark Flower – Prison Officer

Joan Braddock – Mrs. Rogers

George Illman – Dr. Weeden

Douglas Tucker – Lionel Hamilton

Anna Borden – Miss Cole [Junior Counsel for the Crown]

Andrew Chalk – Robert Pierson [Junior Counsel with Sir David]

Pat Moss – Lady Metcalf


Production Crew

Stage Manager – Dave Comber

Assistant Stage Manager – Dave Collis

Set Design – Dave Comber

Set Construction – Ralph Dawes

Set Construction – Dave Collis

Set Construction – Dave Comber

Set Construction – Mike Davy

Set Construction – George Laye

Properties – Margaret Davy

Properties – Sue Whittaker

Wardrobe Co-ordinator – Margaret Faggetter

Lighting & Sound – Frances Thorne

Continuity – Jo Hopper

Front of House Manager – Margaret Murrell

Box Office – Jill Redman

Publicity – Anne Donkin

Publicity – Andrew Cregeen

Publicity – Jean Porter

Foyer and Theatre Photographs – George Laye


Programme Note #1: Beyond Reasonable Doubt

The programme note: “Jeffrey Archer has had the sort of career that makes the rest of us feel pretty dull. His interests, and his fortunes, have taken some spectacular twists and turns. His first claim to fame was as an athlete – fast enough to run the 100 yards at international level for Britain. He then became a charity organiser, started a public relations firm, and went into politics – first as a councillor, then an MP. After a financial collapse which brought these activities to an end, he rebuild his career, and his fortune, as a popular novelist. A brief return to politics, as Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, was cut short by some sensational publicity. Then after an equally sensational libel trial, he emerged in the new role of playwright – with Beyond Reasonable Doubt. Most recently, within the last fortnight, has come the extraordinary news of his elevation to the peerage.

Nothing that Archer has done has been by halves. He has always thought big, pursuing high ambitions with great single-mindedness and talent for self-publicity. As a businessman, he was on the way to becoming a millionaire in his own right, then lost the lot. As a novelist, he finally made the millionaire bracket. As a politician, he reached a position of high influence in the land, before losing it in a lurid controversy. As a plaintiff in court, he won a record sum of £1/2 million in damages.

As a playwright, he has had a hard time at the hands of the critics, but with Beyond Reasonable Doubt he made the most lucrative theatrical; debut ever in this country. Beyond Reasonable Doubt, which opened just after Jeffrey Archer’s triumph in the notorious court case, is itself a courtroom drama. The charge is Murder. But the issues are not so much about violent crime, as about the motive and justification of the person on trial and his relationship with the person he is accused of murdering. The play deals sensitively with these issues, making us wonder whether the private crisis of the characters is really something that can be judged in a public court and in the language of criminal law. We are left guessing, right to the end of the play, what actually happened. And we ourselves are left to judge the right and wrong of what took place.

Wick Theatre Company are presenting this play as the second of four full-length productions for 1992. Already this year we have put on the popular adult comedy, A Chorus of Disapproval. Here, with Beyond Reasonable Doubt, we present a tense courtroom drama. In September comes the affectionate comedy of boarding-school fun and games, Daisy Pulls It Off. And in December we round off the year with the highly-charged classic drama of Hedda Gabler.

This is a meaty programme of plays, offering wide variety and, we hope, a wealth of entertainment to our audiences. We value your support to night and we hope that you will want to support future Wick productions – and indeed, to encourage others to see what we have to offer. If you would like to know more about our programme or about our other social activities, we would be delighted to hear from you. You will find details of who to contact over the page.”