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Lloyd George Knew My Father

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

June 28, 29, 30 & July 1, 1989.

Lloyd George Knew My Father

by William Douglas Home



Directed by
Gary Brighton


Jean Porter – Lady Sheila Boothroyd

David Knox – General Sir William Boothroyd

Vic Gough – Hubert Boothroyd MP

Rosemary Mose – Maud Boothroyd

Lindsey Collis – Sally Boothroyd

Phillip O’Brien – Simon Green

George Illman – Reverend Trevor Simmonds

Ron Cheesman – Robertson


Production Crew

Director Assistant – Jill Redman

Stage Manager – Dave Comber

Lighting & Sound – Jamie Boath

Lighting & Sound – Frances Thorne

Set Design – Jill Hutchinson

Set Construction – Ralph Dawes

Set Construction – Dave Collis

Set Construction – Dave Comber

Set Construction – Brian Box

Set Construction – Mike Davy

Pianist – Daphne Thornton

Bugle – Andy Buck

Props – Sue Whittaker

Props – Joan Bearman

Wardrobe Supervisor – Pat Moss

Continuity – Daniella Gibbs

Font of House Manager – Margaret Murrell

Foyer Flowers – Rosemary Biggs

Box Office – Jill Redman


Programme Note #1: Lloyd George Knew My Father

GB wrote: “Apart from the thriller Nightwatch, humour has been the key of our 40th season. The Liver Birds with its Liverpudlian humour gained Trudy Nash best actress award in the three-act play entries. Northern humour was the key to When We Are Married and in a our final play of the season we present humour from the pen of William Douglas-Home who has written such outstanding successes as The Chiltern Hundreds and The Reluctant Debutante amongst many others.

When Lady Sheila Boothroyd hears that the Planning Authorities are determined to keep to their decision to drive a road through the grounds of Boothroyd Hall – incidentally given in perpetuity by James 1st and where dear old Charles 1st stayed the night before the Battle of Edgehill – her patience is exhausted and she decides on extreme measures much to the dismay of the rest of the family.

The result I leave for you to follow – perhaps at times even vocally!”