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Ring Round the Moon

The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

December 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8, 1984.

Ring Round the Moon

by Jean Anouilh



Directed by
Neil Shephard


Ralph Dawes – Joshua [a crumbling butler]

Peter Joyce – Hugo [a young man-about-town]

Peter Joyce – Frederick [his twin brother, in love with ..]

Sarah Goldstein – Diana Messerschmann [engaged to Frederick, secretly in love with Hugo]

Pat Moss – Lady India [Messerschmann’s mistress secretly in love with ..]

Derek Fines – Patrice Bombelles [Messerschmann’s secretive secretary]

Jean Porter – Madame Desmortes [aunt to Hugo, Frederick and Lady India]

Joan Bearman – Capulet [her faded companion]

Frank Semus – Messerschmann [Diana’ father, a melancholy millionaire]

Alan Upton – Romainville [a lepidopterist, Patron of ..]

Louise Krige – Isabelle [a ballet dancer]

Frances Moulton – Her Mother [a teacher of the piano forte]

Brian Moulton – A General


Production Crew

Designer – Vincent Joyce

Stage Manager – Frances Thorne

A.S.M. – Margaret Davy

A.S.M. – Susan Whittaker

A.S.M. – Mark Flower

A.S.M. – Martin Cramp

Lighting & Sound Design – Barrie Bowen

Costume Design – Pat Moss

Costume Design – Frances Moulton

Choreography – Dinkie Flowers

Set Construction – Ralph Dawes

Set Construction – Brian Box

Set Construction – Mike Davy

Set Construction – David Comber

Set Construction – Gillian Robertson

Set Construction – Ian Naylor

Set Construction – Mark Flower

Front of House – Betty Dawes

Box Office – Jill Redman

Foyer Decor – Rosemary Biggs

Foyer Photography – Charles Porter

Programme Design – Marina Merrett


Programme Note #1: Ring Round the Moon

NS wrote “Too many years have slipped by since we last staged a play by Jean Anouilh, I wonder how many of you remember the production of Becket and Waltz of the Toreadors fourteen years ago and The Lark in 1974, three wonderful examples of the diversity of his works. Anouilh will always be regarded as one of France’s leading twentieth-century playwrights and Ring Round the Moon, or L’Invitation Au Chateau as it was originally called, was written in 1947.

Like other plays of his written in the same mould Ring Round the Moon is peopled with amusingly eccentric characters in a make believe world. However, lurking beneath the superficial exterior is Anouilh’s somewhat pessimistic satire of wealth and class. Hugo, Madame Desmortes, Diana and Messerschmann all embody this satire in varying ways and what an excellent foil to them Anouilh has created in Isabelle one of his most attractive heroines.

Having enjoyed several years in Wick, I am delighted to be able to turn to directing a play for the first time, and my pleasure is enhanced by working with a play I have always loved and admired. The experience of several members of the cast has helped my task considerably, though we are pleased to welcome Louise and Sarah, two new young faces to the Company. I hope and trust they will all help you to forget a Winter’s evening and make you glad you kindly accepted our ‘Invitation Au Chateau'”.