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The Barn Theatre, Southwick Community Centre.

April 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16, 1983.


by André Obey



Directed by
Tony Muzzall


Brain Moulton – Noah

Jean Porter – Mrs. Noah

Charles Porter – Shem

Robert McCourty – Ham

Nicholas Davion – Japheth

Margaret Faggetter – Sella

Jill Redman – Naomi

Louise Bray-Allen – Ada

Rosemary Biggs – Woman


Mark Flower – Bear

Douglas Tucker – Lion

Joan Bearman – Wolf

Victoria Ogden – Monkey

Sarah Sherry – Lamb

Miranda Bowen – Tiger


Production Crew

Stage Manager – Sue Whittaker

A.S.M. – Daphne Thornton

Lighting – Frank Hurrell

Assistant – Edward Keith

Assistant – Eric Ridgewell

Assistant – Bob Baker

Assistant – Jonathan Dawes

Effects – Janice Barlow

Effects – Janet Langrish

Masks, Set & Programme Design – Tony Muzzall

Set Construction – Brian Box

Set Construction – Mike Davy

Set Construction – Ron Cheesman

Front of House – Frank Child

Box Office – Frances Thorne


Programme Note #1: Noah

AM wrote:
“Dear Audience, The Bible has been the inspiration of many dramatic works, but when Obey wrote Noah he only used the story as a basic plot on which to build his play around. There is far more to this Noah than just the religious aspect. Throughout the play we follow the changing attitudes of eight people and a group of animals who fined themselves forced together through a major world disaster.

It was not, of course, possible to build an Ark on the Biblical scale so, rather than try, I have chosen the simplest of settings, leaving the imagination of the audience to create their own surroundings.

Robert McCourty, Nicolas Davion, Charles Porter and Margaret Faggetter are making their debuts for the company. Jill Redman, taking her first major rôle and Louise Bray-Allen both appeared on stage earlier this season. Completing the human element of the play are Brian Moulton, Jean Porter and Rosemary Biggs, all long standing members of the company.

Lurking behind the six animal masks of our menagerie are three new faces and three familiar ones. The new faces belong to Mark Flowers, Sarah Sherry and Victoria Ogden. The three familiar ones are Miranda Bowen, Joan Bearman and Douglas Tucker.

But now let us watch as one man, an ordinary farmer named Noah, completes them new ‘family home’ ….”